The Rydal Heritage Board

There is much more to Rydal than an unspoiled example of a Lakeland village.
Rydal has a long history and many lives are etched into its surface.
The Board shows some of the more notable features of the area and its inhabitants.
It is situated at the foot of Rydal Hill by the Bus shelter.

Rydal Half Size Map for website

Click on the map for a larger image which opens in a separate window. Further detailed notes on the heritage of Rydal and the content of the map are to be found in the following series of pages.

Key to the Colours used in the map:

Geology/Lake/Walks.  Buildings/Barns/Historic.  Artistic and Literary connections.

Wild/Domestic/Animal Life/Rural life/Sports/Flora & Fauna.

Direct links to items pictured on the Rydal Heritage Board can be found here:

Lords of the Manor