Haunted Rydal

There have, over the years, been claims of ghostly encounters in Rydal.

People passing The Lord’s Oak at night  have reported seeing a shadowy figure.

The cricket field, site of the Old Hall orchards and fish ponds, is said to be haunted by a spectral white dog.

The first Mrs. Quillinan, who died after falling on a fire  at Glen Rothay shortly after giving birth, is said to haunt the hotel. 

In more recent times a white-clad horseman, riding a white horse has been seen galloping across the Target Field in broad daylight but when pursued by other horse riders mysteriously disappears with no explanation as to where he might have gone….

In 1965 newspaper accounts reported the alleged sighting of a cigar -shaped object flying low over Loughrigg Fell. An RAF team camping nearby, and Keswick Mountain Rescue Team continued to comb the hills over the weekend but were unable to shed any further light on the mystery.

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