General information

Sheep Dog trials began in Rydal in 1901 and continue to be held each August.

The Lake is only 17m. deep. It is the first lake to freeze over after a cold frosty snap.

Rydal Church was built in 1824, and although Wordsworth helped choose the site for it, he was doubtful about the end result.

In his later years at Rydal Mount , Wordsworth was at the height of his fame, and he received many many visitors there.

Wordsworth's seat was the poets favourite viewpoint, and is a small rocky knoll, covered with trees and with stone steps up from the roadside at the eastern end of the lake. It is said, in a local story (probably apocryphal) that the coachman would point out to travellers on the coach, the poet, pondering, and the tips that he subsequently received would later be shared out between himself and the great man.